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Elmwood NPS Certificate 2016smallElmwood Cemetery has been recognized as a significant site for the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom by the National Parks Service of the United States Department of the Interior. Elmwood’s certificate of acceptance acknowledges that Elmwood Cemetery and the Historic Elmwood Foundation make a significant contribution to the understanding of the Underground Railroad in American History.

The application process was thorough and Elmwood clearly identified the many key members of the Underground Railroad Network who are buried in Elmwood and the various educational opportunities available to the public. These include our guided tours, self-guided tours, biographies, and markers - available to the public through our knowledgable staff and our website.

Elmwood would like to thank Carol E. Mull, Gabrielle Lucci, and Joan Frear Capuano for their work with Déanda Johnson, Midwest Regional Coordinator for the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.

In 2020 Elmwood expanded its educational offerings to include a self-guided tour map identifying the locations of those who participated in or supported the underground railroad network to freedom. The Association of the Study of African American Life and History funded the grant which was completed in collaboration with the National Park Service.

Click here for the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom map.