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At the heart of Detroit is the diversity of our history and experiences. At Elmwood, we have curated a number of tours specifically designed to engage our community with those that have helped it to thrive.

Self-Guided Tours
The Historic Elmwood Foundation has developed self-guided tour maps highlighting key figures who are buried at Elmwood:

Special Interest Tours 
Special Interest Tours are available for groups and are scheduled throughout the year via our partners and through special interest groups. For more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tour Referrals
Many tour organizations bring their groups through Elmwood. Listed below are some unique touring opportunities:


History Partnerships
Elmwood is also proud to partner with the Detroit Historical Society, the Charles Wright Museum of African American Heritage, and Preservation Detroit to help preserve and promote Detroit’s great history. Unique tour opportunities are available through these organizations for individuals and groups. Museum entrance and tour pricing can be found through their website links.

Detroit Historical SocietyDetroit Historical SocietyDetroit Historical Society

Select from one of the following tours to learn more:


Elmwood’s free public walking tours will return in 2024 – stay tuned for dates. We’ll share the many stories of those laid to rest at Elmwood, including Michigan governors and senators, Detroit mayors, Civil War generals, Underground Railroad organizers and funders, Civil Rights leaders, business visionaries and more. We’ll also highlight memorial art and symbolism, architecture, and the natural history of our beautiful grounds. Our walking tours are held in all weather and last approximately 2 hours.

Elmwood is delighted to be Detroit’s first certified arboretum. Stay tuned for tours and programs in 2024 that showcase the cemetery's majestic trees and landscape history. More information about Elmwood's arboretum designation and self-guided tree tours available here