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Benjamin Lockwood was born on February 28, 1844 in Frankfort, Kentucky. He received a college education in Kentucky before the Civil War. In 1875, Lockwood married Ellen R. Beatty and they had four children.

Lockwood entered the Civil War as a private in Company F of the 6th Kentucky Infantry on October 2, 1861. He was appointed 2nd Lieutenant in the 54th Kentucky Infantry on September 30, 1864 and saw service in the battles of Shiloh, Cumberland Gap and Vicksburg.

After the war, Lockwood was appointed 2nd Lieutenant in the 31st U. S. Infantry and, on May 15, 1869, was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. He became a captain in 1889, a major in 1899 and was promoted, in 1902, to Lt. Colonel of the 17th U. S. Infantry. He was made colonel in the U. S. Army in 1903. Lockwood retired as a Brigadier General on December 23, 1907. During his years of service, he had seen action in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War and the War in the Philippines. He died on January 22, 1926.

Born: February 28, 1844
Died: January 22, 1926
Buried: Section J, Lot 37