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Grover Wormer was born August 9, 1821 near Auburn, New York. He left home at 12 years old to make his fortune. He traveled to Oswego, New York where he found work in a store. Wormer continued his education and remained in Oswego for five years. In 1838, he went as a cabin boy on a lake steamer. He married Maria C. Crolius of New York City in 1844; they had five children. He held several positions before establishing himself in the machinery manufacturing business.

Wormer, as a captain, organized and recruited the Stanton Guard in May of 1862. He was made Lt. Colonel of the 8th Cavalry on October 3, 1862. Wormer was made Colonel of the 30th U. S. Infantry on November 21, 1864. He was brevetted Brigadier General of U. S. Volunteers on March 13, 1865 and was honorably discharged on June 30, 1865. Wormer fought in battles at Triplets Bridge, Salt River, Lebanon and Knoxville, all in Tennessee and the pursuit of Confederate General Morgan across Ohio.

General Wormer died on January 26, 1904 just prior to the 60th anniversary of his wedding.

Born: August 9, 1821
Died: January 26, 1904
Buried: Section K, Lot 87-8