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Frederick Pelham
1865 – 1895

Frederick Pelham graduated from Detroit High School with highest honors. He became the fifth of seven children in the Pelham family to finish high school at a time when few Americans of any race did so. He enrolled in the University of Michigan Engineering School, graduating with a degree in civil engineering in 1887. The School of Engineering recommended Pelham to the Michigan Central Railroad for employment. His employment lasted until his death in 1895. He is credited with designing and building approximately eighteen bridges for the Michigan Central Railroad, including a skew arch bridge in Dexter, Michigan.

Pelham also performed civil engineering work for the Detroit Citizens Railway Company. He was a member of the Michigan Engineering Society, the Michigan Central Branch of the Young Mens Christian Association, and the Maccabees. He also taught Sunday school at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Detroit. Pelham died on February 2, 1895 from acute pneumonia.

Frederick Pelham is buried in Section 10, Lot 54.

Frederick Pelham