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Mausoleum Entombment

Once exclusively for the wealthy and famous, mausoleum entombment is now well within reach for families looking for the simplicity and dignity of above ground burial. Elmwood Cemetery offers a variety of mausoleum crypt configurations including individual, companion and family crypts, available in marble or granite.

Interesting fact: The first mausoleum, built and named for Mausolus, a beloved minor monarch who would otherwise have been forgotten, but whose tomb is now one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Once thought of as a place for the wealthy, mausoleum entombment is now available to almost anyone who desires the comfort and dignity of above ground burial. Completed in 1994, Elmwood’s Mausoleum Plaza Complex is situated on a serene site beside a calmly flowing brook. The Complex features a sheltered, indoor mausoleum with four galleries offering both individual and companion crypts fronted with a beautiful Portuguese Rose marble and distinctive bronze lettering. Protected from the elements, it provides a stately memorial by which to honor and remember your loved ones year round.

For families who prefer a peaceful setting, the Plaza Complex is ideal, offering a varied array of resting places amidst a beautiful, historical setting. Individuals may choose from crypts or cremation niches, or turf-top crypts, with full-length memorials, located within the Plaza.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a Mausoleum?
Mausoleums provide the prestige, dignity and serenity of above ground burial that includes a clean, dry, ventilated entombment. Indoor mausoleums provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for families to visit their loved ones regardless of the weather.

What Makes Mausoleum Entombment the Wise Financial Choice?
Above ground burial compares favorably with the cost of in-ground burial by eliminating the need for lots, vaults, monuments and memorials. In one indoor, above ground space, the concrete vault is sealed and the casket is protected from the elements.

Elmwood offers low down payments, interest-free financing and special savings on companion crypts, making the choice of mausoleum entombment even more affordable.

How Will I Feel, Visiting a Mausoleum?
The atmosphere of a mausoleum is reverent, peaceful and inspiring. Consider Elmwood’s Mausoleum Plaza Complex where the crypts are within rooms with peaked glass entry and skylights. The soft colors of the rich marble and the abundance of natural light creates a pleasing space. The complex is entered over a bridge and is framed by the creek and a hillside leading up to the historic chapel.

When Can Friends and Family Visit Mausoleum Crypts?
All year-round, in any weather, you can pay homage to the memory of departed loved ones in a beautiful, inspirational setting.

Is Embalming Necessary When Selecting a Crypt?
The rules and regulations of Elmwood require embalming when selecting above ground entombment.

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