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Elmwood Grants

Elmwood Receives Tremendous Support from Local Grantors
Terry Book, president of the Historic Elmwood Foundation, said, "This has been an extraordinary year for the Historic Elmwood Foundation. The metro-Detroit community has been very supportive." The foundation has received significant grants:
  **  The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, $1 million to support restoration of many of the cemetery's roadways and painting the northern fenceline.
  **  The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, $34,500 for the development and production of audio tours
  **  The Elizabeth, Allan, & Warren Shelden Fund, $25,000 for the care and preservation of the cemetery
  **  The Mary Thompson Foundation, $5,000 for Elmwood's bench program and transportation cart used for the aged and disabled.
This support as well as the contributions from our individual and corporate donors permits the Historic Elmwood Foundation to move forward with a number of key initiatives at Elmwood Cemetery.

The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation $1 Million Grant
Sandy McMillan commented, “The Trustees of Elmwood Cemetery and the Directors of the Historic Elmwood Foundation were overwhelmed by the profound generosity of the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation.” Ralph Wilson and his wife Mary M. Wilson have been significant supporters of Elmwood since the inception of the Historic Elmwood Foundation. The Wilsons have demonstrated repeatedly their commitment to Elmwood's restoration and advancement of our community and educational programs.
This was never more apparent than last summer.
Following Mr. Wilson’s death, a new foundation was established in his name with the proceeds from the sale of the Wilsons’ beloved Buffalo Bills.  Elmwood was asked to apply for a legacy grant through the new foundation. Mrs. Wilson asked the Historic Elmwood Foundation to identify our greatest needs. She and the Wilson Trustees responded generously. This spring and summer there will be great activity at the cemetery as we undertake resurfacing the majority of our roadways and the painting of our northern fence-line with a $1 million grant.

“We are pleased to continue our support for the Historic Elmwood Foundation and the ongoing efforts to restore such a significant part of our community’s history and legacy,” said Mary Wilson. “It is truly a treasure in the Detroit community and it is important to see its beauty and history preserved for generations to come.”
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Audio Tours Grant
The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has provided important support to further Elmwood’s education and community outreach programs in metro Detroit. The Community Foundation generously supported our efforts to develop and produce three audio tours at Elmwood through a grant of $34,500.
“The Community Foundation is pleased to support the creation of audio tours for the Historic Elmwood Cemetery,” said Mariam Noland, president of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. “These tours are a creative way to teach Detroit’s history and a unique contribution to the city’s revitalization.”
Terry Book said, "We are thrilled to have the support of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. We have worked diligently to develop three self-guided tours concentrating on individuals of historical significance who are buried in Elmwood Cemetery: 1) African American Heritage; 2) Business Visionaries; and 3) Political Leadership Legacies. This grant will ensure that we can take our educational programming to the next level by providing audio tours in each of these areas of interest.”
The tours are downloadable via a smart phone or smart device and may be used with an accompanying map available in the office free of charge, or through our website as a foldable pdf.
Mary Thompson Foundation Grant
We would like to express our gratitude to the trustees of the Mary Thompson Foundation who have once again generously supported our bench program at Elmwood and the provision of our small transportation cart used to help transport the aged and disabled around the cemetery grounds with a $5,000 grant.  Mrs.Thompson and her husband are buried at Elmwood.
The Elizabeth, Allan, & Warren Shelden Fund Grant
The Shelden Fund responds year after year with generous support to the continuing care and preservation of Elmwood Cemetery and education and community outreach programs offered through the Historic Elmwood Foundation.  This year's $25,000 is significant to our programming as well as continued growth of the Historic Elmwood Foundation Endowment Fund.