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Floral and Holiday Tributes

Commemorate your loved one’s personal events – birthday, anniversary, date of passing and other special life moments, as well as national holidays and the different seasons -- with special grave decorations available through Elmwood.

We continue to welcome fresh floral tributes in all outdoor areas. At our office, you can obtain temporary metal vases for your use, free of charge. No glass containers, please. Artificial flowers are only allowed in our mausoleums.

elmwood floral tribute3

elmwood floral tribute

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Holiday Tributes
There’s nothing more appropriate than seeing the Stars and Stripes decorating graves during the Memorial, Independence, and Veterans Day Holidays. Flags should be kept to a maximum of 12” X 18”, and are available in our office, free of charge, for everyone who would like to place them at a memorial during this time. Flags are subject to removal by the Cemetery within ten (10) days of the Holiday. Small red, white and blue floral arrangements are available from Elmwood for $10.

Floral Arrangements
We are happy to help you commemorate any special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or Mother's Day. Elmwood offers fresh floral arrangements that we will place on your loved one's grave. We must have at least 3 business days' notice. Click here: Order Form for Floral Arrangements or contact the office.

Spring/Summer Flowers
We now offer a bed of begonias, 24”x14.5”, to be placed in front of lawn-level, slant markers or monuments for $60. Weather permitting the flowers will be planted in late Spring and removed in late September. Our grounds crew will water the plants throughout the season. To order Spring/Summer flowers please click here: Order Form for Spring and Summer Flowers or contact the office. A limited quantity are available. 

Please refer to Perpetual Tributes below if you are interested in pre-arranging for flowers every year perpetually.

Fall Flowers
We now offer a bed of fall mums, 24" x 14.5", to be placed in front of lawn-level, slant markers, or monuments for $50. Mums will be placed in September and removed in November. To order Fall Mums, please click here: Order Form for Fall Flowers or contact the office.

Winter Floral Blankets, Wreaths and BouquetsWinter Floral Blankets, Wreaths and Bouquets
Adorn your loved one’s grave with a grave blanket, wreath or bouquet this holiday season. All are made from natural, freshly cut evergreen boughs decorated in seasonal colors and trimmed with a beautiful all weather bow. Wreaths are 18” in diameter with a red bow and 5 pine cones, on a stand, for $20. Grave blankets include 6 poinsettia blooms in red and white for $40. Bouquets are tied with red ribbons for $20. Weather permitting, placement begins on November 15th. Removal begins March 1st. All orders must be pre-paid by cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. Please call the office staff at 313/567-3453 to place your order, or click here to download and mail an order form: Order Form for Winter Floral Blankets, Wreaths and Bouquets. Please refer below to Perpetual Tributes if you are interested in a perpetual grave blanket.


Standard Blanket Wreath
Standard Blanket
Regular Bow
6 Poinsettia Blooms
Red and White
18 inch diameter with Red Bow
and 5 Pine Cones on stand


All orders must be pre-paid.
Call 313-567-3453 to place your order or download a form from the appropriate section above.
Downloaded forms may be faxed to 313-567-8861.

Perpetual Tributes
Elmwood Cemetery now offers perpetual tributes for your loved one’s grave. Imagine the peace of mind in knowing that each year we will ensure placement of a Grave Blanket and/or seasonal flowers. Grave Blankets are made from natural freshly cut evergreens and decorated with six poinsettia blooms and an all-weather bow. A perpetual Grave Blanket may be purchased for $1,200. Each year, your loved one’s grave will be adorned with a Grave Blanket from mid-November to early March. Seasonal annual bed of begonias, 24”x14.5” will be placed each year in front of your loved one’s lawn-level, slant marker or family monument. Weather permitting, we will plant your flowers by Memorial Day and keep them thriving with regular watering. Dead or damaged begonias will be replaced. All annuals will be removed by late September. Perpetual seasonal flowers may be purchased for $1,200.

Purchase both a perpetual grave blanket and perpetual begonias and save $400! The combined discounted price is $2,000.

To order, click here: Order Form for Perpetual Tributes or contact the office at 313/567-3453. All orders must be pre-paid.

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